My soul clings to you, your right hand holds me fast

Welcome to St Cuthbert’s House, home to a canonical hermit of the Diocese of Hallam, UK.

Thank you for finding this space! It is ten years since I last put together a website, and I am relieved to find the technology is much easier to use now. My previous website still exists here: (it will open in a new tab) but software updates prevent me from making any more changes to it. I know some of the information on the pages over there has been very useful to those interested in hermitage, so I won’t be deleting it yet, but nor will I be transferring much of it over here, so think of it as an archived “reference” volume in the dusty corner of the library, grab a cosy seat, and enjoy leafing through the pages before it completely disintegrates.

I am still printing and selling my greetings card designs through the old website. This is a direct link to that section: I am donating all the monies you send for the cards to a local foodbank, or to the charity Freedom from torture. Thank you for supporting this work.

Just a couple of sections to this new website. One is a news blog which I will try to keep updated with illustrative snippets if anything eventful occurs! The other I have titled “ponderings”, and is likely to be longer, more thoughtful.

God is with us +

Rachel Er.dio.


The hermit is simply a pioneer in the way of the desert which the whole of humanity must follow of necessity one day, each one according to their own measure and desire. This eremitical vocation, at least embryonically, is to be found in every Christian vocation. It is necessary that the Church and society do something so that this may be realizable,  so that each may at least touch it, be it only with the tip of their little finger. Benedictine Raphael  Vernay: On the Desert Place of the Inner Sanctuary. 1974